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We created algorithms which 24/7 maintain the optimal portfolio structure based on the market and macroeconomic situation. To start just connect to our robo-advisor.

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Together with HUG’S you are able to start investing with small amounts. Take a few easy steps to start investing. We are always ready to assist you. To discover more about HUG'S services you can get the presentation.

HUGS'BLACK. Premium service

  • Earn on our Investment Ideas!
    Individual strategy and portfolio structure based on your targets
  • Your personal manager will always be in touch
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  • Only your profit makes our profit
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How to start making profit?

July 11th, 2019г. in HUGS'CLUB we will discuss the following subject "Sources of information for investor and trader. Erik Nayman will share on what films to watch and what books to readand what sites to visit to get information on investing, trading and stock jobbing



June 3, 2019

We have improved the macroeconomic model of MacroID indicators that will allow investors to minimize the risks of the risky assets strong depreciations the day before and in times of crisis.

March 2019

The client's risk profile identification algorithm launched.

February 2019

HUG'S Investor Room launch

January 2019

Developement and implementation of new market risk hedging algorithm.

November, 2018

HUG'S LLC obtained a license from the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine for the provisioning professional activities in the stock market, namely, brokerage.

April 2018

HUG'S LLC registration

July 2017

Ukrainians gained the right to legally and easy invest abroad up to $ 50 thousand per year. Providing legal source of funds origin.

June 2017

Testing the HUG’S model portfolios with rebalancing.

June 15, 2017

The NBU adopted Resolution No. 54 allowing Ukrainians to obtain e-licenses for investment abroad. The text of the Resolution as follows: https://bank.gov.ua/document/download?docId=50408939


In 2009 Erik Nayman has described the Investment inflation concept in his book "The way to financial freedom". The concept eventually made the base for HUG'S algorithms. As a result we we have created diversified HUGS'A portfolio, while other portfolios rely on these fundamentals.

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