HUG'S LLC executes transactions with stocks and derivatives  admitted to circulation in Ukraine including government bonds, on the basis of the license issued by the National Securities andStock Market Comission. More on HUG'S LLC license here:  «License».

Transactions with stocks circulating outside the Ukrainian market are conducted with the brokerage company Interactive Brokers.
HUG'S LLC has signed the Investment Advisor account agreement with Interactive Brokers.

According to Barron's Interactive Brokers holds a leading position in the 2005-18 US online-brokers rating.
Credit rating information on the broker according to S&P.


The company's shares are listed on NYSE.
Interactive Brokers registered by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and performs the stock exchange transactions in more than 120 countries. The SEC license # 8-47257. More information on Interactive Brokers site, or in the registry of FINRA Financial Services Regulatory Authority.


Russian language service available.