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Sign up to Investor's Room



Open your account in Interactive Brokers (IB USA), sign the agreement with HUG'S and connect your IB account to the Investor's Room byHUG'S

Learn how to open your account in Interactive Brokers.

For the HUGS’BLACK clients the additional options available.

Open your account at Interactive Brokers (IB USA)



HUG’S algorythm will help you choose the most optimal set of strategies matching your personal needs and opportunities.

More about strategies



Choose the most suitable  strategy in the Investor's room



We do not sell parts in the form of  complicated portfolio but the complete and easy product: smart following the USA citizen assets structure All you have to do is set your goal and our smart robot will lead the most optimal rout.

Your assets will start working efficiently



Citizens of other countries can get more options by applying for the HUGS'BLACK program.

HUGS’BLACK Premium services

Standard HUG'S package allows clients using the Interactive Brokers (IB ISA)

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