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We are commited to help you make profit.
We have reduced our costs through the algorithmization of the majority of our proccesses. This is why in HUG’S we have abandoned the Management Fee, traditional for the asset management industry.
We will charge only 12% from your profit as a Success fee.

There is no Management fee in HUGS’BLACK as well. You pay only $1’000 per annum or $300 a quarter for personal managers' support.


A vivid example

In 1888 Alfred Nobel was surprised to read in the French newspaper an announcement about his death. Journalists have confused Alfred with his less famous older brother Ludwig. The obituary came out under the heading "The Death Dealer is Dead." The journalist accused Nobel of many deaths from the dynamite he invented.

Alfred Nobel decided to "rewrite the obituary", having issued in 1895 the last version of the famous will, according to which he transferred 94% of his fortune to the establishment of a fund to pay prizes in physics, chemistry, literature, medicine and peacemaking.

Thus began the history of the Nobel Foundation. It was founded in 1900, four years after the death of Alfred, and the first five Nobel Prizes were already awarded in 1901. And for more than a century, on December 10 of each year (the anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel), the Nobel Prizes are awarded.

The business model of the Nobel Foundation is very simple and effective even with high expenses. Since 1975, the yield of the Nobel Foundation was 9.4% per annum.

We will help you organize an endless payment fund for the goals you will indicate: family, business or to change the world.

This is the best choice to go down in history.


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